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Product Details

Introducing the CS-Series Kit

New Kit Now Available

CS-Series replaces the popular KN-Q7A

YouTube video to introduce the product

Digital VFO and speaker microphone will now be included!

     See additional photos below

CS-Series is now shipping!

Product Shipped by QRVTronics.com in US:

All cases shipped from US come with holes pre-drilled, unless otherwise requested.

One foot is modified with self starting screw to allow easier memoval of PC board without having to unsolder Voltage Regulator.

Surface Mount Transistor will be mounted at no additional charge, if requested.

This item is shipped USPS Express Mail.

Canada shipping costs about $7.00 extra (billed seperately)

US Kit Cost is $155 plus shipping

     Additional Charge for Pre-Built Unit - Special Order

     Only $70.00 Extra

Additional Frequeny Bands will be added as they become available.

CS-Series Transceiver
Frequency Band



US Band Plan:

US Band Plan 80M
US Band Plan 40M
US Band Plan 20M
US Band Plan 17M
US Band Plan 15M


Product Description


. Dimension: 153 mm x 97 mm x 40 mm, not including connectors and knobs
     6.0 x 3.75 x 2.0 inches including feet
. Weight assembled: 12 oz, not including microphone
. Power Supply: 12 to 13.8 V, 3 A
. Current consumption: 70 mA in RX and about 2 A in TX @ 13.8 V
. RF output: about 5-10 W PEP @ 13.8 V
. Sandwich digital VFO integrated with the LED hole pre-drilled
. Innovative one LED frequency display
. Stable and accurate frequency like a crystal
. Both USB and LSB are be supported by changing BFO frequency in calibration mode
. Sensitivity: about 0.5 uV at 10 dB SNR
. UNBAL jumper added to intentionally break the balance of NE602 to allow more
    convenient TX power peak alignment and antenna tuning
. Low dropout diode is used to allow a bit more battery life
. Final power amplifier changed to IRF510 and minor change in LPF circuit
. Speaker microphone added to the standard configuration
. IF filter: 6 pole crystal ladder filter + 1 pole post IF amplifier crystal filter
. IF bandwidth: about 2.0 KHz
. IF frequency: 8.467 MHz
. Connectors: Speaker, Microphone and Antenna
. Antenna Connector is: BNC type

     Tune Control
     IF Gain Control: acts as volume control

Frequency options:

   CS-40D    40M: 7.000-7.300 MHz
   CS-20D    20M: 14.000 to 14.350 MHz
   CS-17D    17M: 18.068 to 18.168 MHz
   CS-15D    15M: 21.000 to 21.450 MHz

Coming Soon

   CS-80D    80/70M: 3.500-4.000 MHz




Download Software and description files:

CS Series Assembly Manual - Zip file:        CS Series Instruction Manual

CS Series Assembly Manual - PDF file:        CS Series Instruction Manual

CS Series Quick Guide:                 Quick Guide

CS Series Parts List:                      Parts List

CS USA Version:                            USA Version Information

Sandwich VFO:                              Sandwich VFO Instruction Manual

Sandwich Calibration of VFO:        Sandwich VFO Calibration