"QRV" is a term used in Amateur Radio.  It means "Are you ready" or "Yes, I am ready".  We use this term in the naming of this company to describe the need to be ready for emergency situations.


Most of our products are related to Amateur Radio. 

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HAM Radio Products

New Experimental Product Under Development

Frequency Display for CS-Series or KN-Q7A with Sandwich
New Frequency Display Options Available Soon
Please email: larry@qrvtronics.com for details.

Photo of LCD Display with Battery Pack

Frequency Display for CS-Series
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Photo of OLED Display - Option 1

Frequency Display for CS-Series
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Photo of OLED Display - Option 2

Frequency Display for CS-Series
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Experimental Options Preliminary Description:              

LCD Frequency Display with Rechargable Power Pack:             Frequency Display - LCD/Battery Pack

Frequency Display - New Faceplate - OLED:                              Frequency Display - OLED Concept

Frequency Display - New Faceplate - Smaller OLED:                 Frequency Display - Small OLED Concept

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